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Depression in Brief

Depression or major depressive disorder is a medical illness that must be treated. Depression often takes place in people who experience constant emotional tension or had a traumatic situation. Sometimes it is hard to determine depression because of bad mood or some features of the character. Awareness is an essential tool against the further development of depression. Depression affects any age and any social groups. Demands of modern society have a great impact on people. Everyone desire to be happy. If a person fails every time, he will reckon that he is hopeless and helpless, thus depression occurs. Psychological traumas such as the death of a relative, divorce, loss of a loved one, serious disease may trigger depression.

Sometimes it is difficult to define causes of depression. It is considered that the low level of neurotransmitters such serotonin, norepinephrine may cause the appearance of depression. Psychological symptoms can help recognize depression. A depressed person usually feels anxiety and has low self-esteem. Constant fatigue and sadness go along with this serious mental disorder. People are not interested in anything anymore. The person who suffers from depression behaves in a different way. People with depression are not able to concentrate. A sociable and cheerful person with depression avoids any contact with friends, relatives. The person often hits the bottle. People who suffer from depression think in a different way. Thoughts become pessimistic. A person reckons that he is hopeless, helpless and a burden for relatives. There are somatic symptoms as well. People suffering from depression have difficulties with sleep. Depressed people refuse to eat or they consume a lot of food.

The person with depression may complain of pains in different parts of the body, constipation, diarrhea. Some may have sexual problems. Alcoholism and drug addiction are causes or consequences of depression. After using alcohol or drugs, people experience good mood for a while. Social phobias may trigger depression, suicidal thoughts appear. It is crucial to notice and fight depression as soon as possible. If you see that any of your relatives or friends often blame himself in everything, does not get along with family members, colleagues, experiences an inexplicable feeling of fear, he should go to a doctor. If it is found out that a person suffers from depression, it is necessary to help, cheer him up, even if he has no desire. The depressed person may blame himself and loved ones should not allow him to do that.

You should cope with this serious disorder all together. Untreated depression may last for months or even years. Psychotherapy and medication are the most efficient ways to get rid of this mental disorder, especially if they are used in combination. Drugs for depression (antidepressants) are selected for each patient and are taken for several months. But before using learn about side effects http://undepress.net/side-effects-of-antidepressants-how-to-cope/. The aim of psychotherapy is to help the person learn how to regulate his own feelings. This method of treatment involves the active participation of the patient, his willingness to speak about his feelings and emotions. Techniques of self-help are a true way of avoiding depression. Each person should maintain healthy lifestyle, do physical exercises regularly, have a rest after work, then depression won’t be so scary!

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